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Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Are Fillers and Their Uses

What are dermal or aesthetic fillers?

Fillers are medical products approved by the FDA to help us looking young and delay the aging process.  Aging affects the skin and leaves lines on the face and body. Aging also depletes the fatty area under the skin, a loss of volume we notice around the eyes, nose, temples, and chin areas. The young face looks more round and as it ages it turns more hollow. Another sign if aging is also loss of bones.

Fillers are the answer to restoring the lost volume we notice in the face and augment more features of beauty like the lips and cheeks.
What are they made of?

Most fillers are made of natural ingredient recognized by the body to restore and help building a collagen, a natural protein ingredient to support healthy skin.

Fillers can last for a short time, an example of that is the restylane filler, used to augment thin lips and fine lines if the face. Fillers can also last for longer time like the juvaderm, Voluma, and radiesse.

Fillers can be semi-permanent when they last for 5 years or more. Some fillers may be injected in other countries and not in the United States. So be diligent in finding out the details of the filler, and feel free to ask your doctor all the questions to put your mind at ease that your specific filler has been approved in the United States.

So how do you know if you need fillers?

Fillers are used for sunken eyes, for augmentation of lips, for cheeks restoration or augmentation, nose tip or irregular dorsal line, chin definition, mandible definition, and at times to help smooth the frowning area called the glabella.

Another are for fillers are the back of the hands. Thin skin will show more blue veins and betray the bony details and fillers can easily restore the hands youth and smooth contour.

Can anyone use fillers, young or old?

Science tell us that young and old loose volume, therefore, any person can use fillers, unless they have a special allergy, although rare, to their ingredients.