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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Main Characteristics of a Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is one of the most attractive cosmetic procedures carried out in medical offices or medical spas.

The idea started in the old days when people were putting sour milk, ripe fruit or wine over on the skin in order to improve texture and give the skin more youthful look and add vitality. These were old fashion weak acid solutions, replaced nowadays by more titrated acids and chemical solutions ranging from weak to medium, and to strong acids or peels.

The idea is to remove the top layer of the skin where the impurities are lying and replace it with a younger, newer skin. Chemical peels are helpful for acne, wrinkles, as well as for pigmentation changes, shallow scars and a variety of other skin problems.

 Main Characteristics of the peels

  • Chemical peels are characterized by being superficial, medium or deep.
  • Downtime is minimal or absent with superficial peels and varies between 5 to 7 days for medium to deep peels.
  • Most offices and medical spas will have a free skin analysis prior to advising any peel.
  • Medium and deep peels are usually performed by your doctor, light and superficial peels are normally performed by estheticians and medical spa staff.

Peels can be very relaxing and need not be uncomfortable.

So if you gaze at the famous personality or public figure in the magazine or television and you see a white yogurt like substance on the face and 2 cucumbers around the eyes in a heavenly relaxing atmosphere, then you understand the concept and can even do better for yourself when you pay a visit to your favorite medical spa and have a similar or more superior peel in a relaxing surrounding with great skin results.

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